Step 4: Meal Prep

You are about to learn why the baby food freezer trey is such a game changer! When it comes to “meal prep” for baby, all you are going to do is put a frozen food cube into a baby bowl to melt, either in the refrigerator or the counter, depending on how long until meal-time.

My go-to strategy is to put breakfast, lunch and dinner in the refrigerator the night before. Mini mason jars or tiny BPA-free plastic containers.

The first few weeks, you will be introducing foods to baby individually and slowly to make sure they are comfortable digesting. Follow your pediatrician’s guidance for a specific time frame.

Once you are ready to start mixing foods, you can put two different frozen food cubes into one bowl to thaw, then mix and serve.

Winning Combinations

1. Oatmeal and Fruit

*try a small dash of cinnamon to oatmeal and apple

2. Green Vegetable + Orange Vegetable

Green beans and sweet potato, spinach and carrots, peas and butternut squash, etc.