A Smoker’s Mindset

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I was an avid smoker for nearly 20 years. After a decade of trying to stop smoking, I finally succeeded. It was a small shift that made the biggest difference. A change in my mindset; not a change in my actions.

I used to first light up around 7 AM and continue smoking a pack throughout the day. Using ever ounce of determination coupled with vape pens and nicotine supplements, I was able to dial back and would have my first cig around noon for about 5 years.

I kept trying and during my last few years as a smoker. I aimed to not light up until early evening or late afternoon. Although I was able to reduce my smoking, I never really quit. A few drinks or stressful day and I was lighting them left and right. I dialed back but I still smoked. I didn’t understand how I could have so much desire to quit but couldn’t do it.

Copious amounts of anti-smoking literature and conversations with other smokers helped me realized I was going about it all wrong. I didn’t need to change how often I smoked. I needed to change how I thought about smoking. By focusing on my mindset, I had a level of understanding no one had explained. An understanding that took control of the situation. I quit trying to quit…..I just stopped; There were three specific things that I had to realize to shift my mindset. I was no longer deprived of a relaxing activity I loved. Now I was free of a sick way to hurt myself. Here are the three must-haves to achieve an x-smoker’s mindset.