Secrets of the Starbucks Obsessed

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Don’t let that skinny vanilla latte fool ya! Just because it says skinny does not mean it is doing your body any favors. We have no idea how much extra junk we consume with our coffee concoctions. As a Starbucks-obsessed society, we down caffeine regularly, unaware of the hidden health concerns we are taking down with it. This info isn’t Starbucks coffee specific…

Whether its Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or your local spot, coffee shop drinks are deceivingly caloric. As self-proclaimed coffee fanatic, I would NEVER tell you to stay away. That’s not how I play. Instead, try these health hack to make coffee kind to your waistline.

1. Know your Ratios

Milk is where a lot of the extra calories sneak into coffee. A frappuccino has the most amount of milk, then a latte then a cappuccino. For the small drinks that still pack punch, a noisette and a macchiato both are shots of espresso with a little bit of milk. If you are dying for that spicy pumpkin flavor, try a spicy pumpkin cappuccino instead of a latte and if you are in need of cold coffee, skip the frappuccino and order an iced coffee and add your own milk and sugar.

2. Be open to milk alternatives

One thing health experts agree on is we could all benefit from less dairy. Whether your following a paleo, vegan or ketogenics diet, any occasion where you can successfully substitute milk is an opportunity. I didn’t say give up milk. I just said substitute it! Don’t be afraid. Alternatives like coconut milk, hemp milk, almond milk and soy milk can be challenging to get used to but coffee is where its at! Coconut milk is a miracle worker when it comes to the coffee department. It’s sweetness does you right. That iced coffee with coconut milk….please believe.

3. Consider Decaf

Decaf is such a naughty word to coffee lovers but, tip! Decaf doesn’t mean no caf. There is about as much caffeine in a cup of decaf as half a soda. You can still down the good stuff when your alarm goes off at 6 AM but when you just need a pick me up, decaf will do the trick. Caffeine can drains our adrenals and taxes our livers. We also build up immunity to caffeine so its wise to use methodically. Oh, and decaf it doesn’t taste any different so why not?

I toast you with my decaf coconut milk cappuccino. Cheers!