Raw Vegan Cooking in Thailand

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It had been 10 straight months on the road. Although my husband and I had been in Thailand for 2 weeks, we were now at a new location in Koh Samui at Vikasa Yoga Resort. Our impromptu Valentine’s “gifts” to one another, we would spend 4 nights at a scuba diving resort where my husband would have access to one of his passions and 4 nights at Vikasa Yoga Resort, where I would have access to mine. Upon booking this stay, I assumed yoga was going to be the main attraction. For most people, it was, but for me it was Boris.

Cooking Class in Thailand

By this time on my world adventure, I had taken a dozen cooking classes. It was my thing. I wasn’t a chef nor did I have an aspirations to be one. I knew how to cook well enough to pleasantly feed me and my husband. Contrary to the title, I wasn’t taking cooking classes to learn how to cook. Every time I visited a new culture I searched for a cooking class. Being in the kitchen brought comfort and those were few and far between in my current life. In addition, it was a deep way to experience a culture. I had spent plenty of time visiting landmarks and tourist attractions but spending time in a kitchen with a local was a priceless experience. The raw vegan cooking class I would experience in Thailand was no exception.

Life Cafe

Born in Germany, Boris was the head chef at Life Cafe, the only restaurant on the property and where we would eat all of our meals for the next 5 days. We landed there on Monday after a ferry from Koh Tao. I was hungover and hungry, a vile combination. It was shortly after noon and although are room was ready, my first stop would be the café. I nearly drooled over the menu. The pictures alone would excite any type of eater. Everything was so colorful. Even the burgers were adorned by charcoal black and beetroot pink buns. How sexy!

The descriptions of the menu items were culinary poetry. Some of them so complex, I had no idea what the actual taste would be like but the ambiguity drew me in. It was confusing and exciting at the same time.After at least ten minutes of flipping though the pages, I ordered a raw pizza and a Mexican bowl. Both were exquisite. I knew at first order that it was going to be a delightful few days and this was before the next surprise.

Cooking Class

While signing into the resort, I learned of an optional 2 day raw and vegan cooking class offered by the restaurant’s head chef. I signed up and geeked out. Over the next few days, my brain would brim with knowledge of a whole new style of cooking. The course was so exhaustive, including so much information and education. Instead of participating in cooking, we observed Boris. We watched with fervor and intensely jotted down notes.

Taking Thailand Home

Once I got back to the states a few weeks later, I tried out one of the recipes. Although not at tasty as Chef Boris’s, it was a good first attempt. My mother was one of my taste testers. She was perplexed by the idea of not using heat. To her, she didn’t see why not if it didn’t make a big difference. See, raw food is known to be more nutritious than cooked food. During cooking, some of the vitamins and minerals are reduced or lost, depending on the cooking time, temperature and food item.

In my explanation I realized that she was right and that I did not foresee myself and being a raw eater, however, that did not mean that I would not incorporate more raw food into my life. The unexpected education I received from Thailand at a yoga resort was eye opening. It would not become a way of life but instead, was another tool to add to my arsenal of kitchen life and health hacks.

Raw Cooking for Real Life

I began cooking raw foods when it made sense; times when flavors would be enhanced and not diminished. I incorporated raw cooking into my life as another option, another possibility. Raw favorites that are frequent include salsas, dressings, dips and deserts. And those raw vegan desserts. Shoot! I’m telling ya. That is where it is at (food for thought…)

Raw Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake 

Pumpkin Spice Raw Bites

No Bake Energy Bites