Power Over Unhealthy Habits

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Perhaps the pinot noir starts whispering in your ear around 3. Or you eat too much. You know your full but the flavor of the food haunts you. Maybe you smoke. You wish you didn’t but every time you try to stop, it doesn’t last. When it comes to gaining power over our unhealthy habits, those of us that are down in the trenches feel trapped.
We feel powerless to these urges. 
When you engage in a bad habit, your conscious brain is taking direction from your subconscious brain but you can change the trajectory by switching brains. You just have to get the timing right. 

There is a tiny pocket of time that exists between the urge to do something and the unconscious decision to do it.  Take notice of this space. In order to begin changing unhealthy habits, you don’t need to do anything: just pause. Two seconds is all it takes. And then you can go on your merry way doing what you were going to do. Take that bite; light that cig. Pour another glass. 

So what changes if you don’t change your actions?🧐

Your perspective and changing your perspective changes everything. When you pause for a brief second and notice the space, you see who holds the power. Pausing after the urge will highlight your power to choose. 

It is like an animal that is used to getting fed at the table. It sits at the table waiting because through repetition and habit, it expects to get fed. But say you decide to stop this bad habit. For a while the dog will still sit there but over time it will learn it isn’t going to be fed any more and it will stop showing up.

Your ‘bad habit’ brain is like this dog. It won’t get quiet right away but through repetition, it will stop expecting to be fed that unhealthy habit. 

You really do have the power to choose: To choose health.