The Power of Pause

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The to-do list— the more checkmarks you make, the better. The more you accomplished each day, the more impressive. We all know someone who does an early morning spin class, then drops by the grocery store, cooks breakfast, packs lunch, preps dinner, and all before 8 AM.

We live in a task-driven and accomplish-oriented society where we see success and give accolades for those that do more.

What if I told you that getting more done wouldn’t make you any happier?

We believe that the more we accomplish, the more we will be able to relax; the more happy we will be. Unfortunately for those of us who have been spinning our wheels like coked out hamsters, this isn’t true. More checkmarks does not being you closer to eternal bliss.

So why not? If I get more done why shouldn’t I have more time to relax?

It is very likely that upon completing tasks, you would find more tasks that need your attention. You see, it isn’t always the list itself that won’t stop growing. It may be the list maker that creates more tasks — more commitments, responsibilities and subsequently, more things that take your time and energy.

If you are busy you have less time to pause and reflect. You are probably spending less time being still, staying in the moment, observing the life around you. You are so busy doing life you that you miss out on simply being.

“You are a human being. Not a human doing.”

– Deepak Chopra

Perhaps our motivation behind the busy list in serves in part to keep us distracted; to keep us treading water. BUT If we are always treading water, we never get to enjoy the calm. We never get to … just … float.

There are times in life when things are more hectic; seasons of life when the to-do list gets abnormally large —

These things take more time but if you find yourself constantly in a state of playing catch up; constantly feeling behind or swamped, consider removing a commitment before removing more personal time. It is crucial that you allow for lazy.

Sometimes you have to be instead of do. Allow yourself time to pause. Down time is crucial for healthy living so unplug and recharge.