Pausing in Bangkok- Time out in Thailand

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After three weeks island hoping like backpackers, we landed in Bangkok, Thailand. I had absorbed a truly authentic experience in Southern, Thailand.

Authenticity being my motto of travel, I always pleaded to stay at an authentic hotel where I could visit authentic restaurants and pack my schedule with authentic tourist activities (if there is such a thing).

We were now in Bangkok for three nights and I was not excited about this stop. Traveler after traveler made a face of disgust whenever I mentioned our stop in Bangkok. Everyone despised the city. It wasn’t true Thailand. It wasn’t authentic.

My husband’s father was always traveling for work and frequently staying at Westin hotels. His status could bring us a room upgrade or at the least, a free breakfast. With 10,000 different hotels to choose from and a lost of zest for hotel research, we settled on a Westin.

We knew what to expect. It was unlikely we would be surprised (good or bad) by the hotel and amenities. For once, this was exactly what I wanted. Smack dab in the middle of our two-month trip, we were both a little lagged. Not completely home sick (where was home now, anyways?) but the idea of a mediocre few days was appealing.

It is 2 in the afternoon on a Saturday, prime-time tourism for a big city like Bangkok. Fortunately for both of us, neither one is pleading for an activity. After a nice shower with fuzzy bleached towels, I tucked into my Westin trademark “heavenly” bed with my plush white robe and fizzy Perrier and began to write. Although a disgustingly bland travel experience, I am authentically comfortable.

The Importance of Pausing

Allowing yourself to just be is a crucial component of self care. Whether it is on a business trip, pleasure trip or mid-week at home, sometimes we need to curl up and be comfy. We need to say no to that dinner party. Say no to another weekend getaway. Say yes to stopping.

I have noticed how rare it is that we allow ourselves pause. We focus on our to-do list so much. It’s as though accomplishment is equivocal to good. For a vacation to be good, we fill the need to pack in activities. For a weekend to be good, we keep a tight agenda. Equally important to going is stopping.

You can sleep when your dead” and “but you may never get this chance again” are sayings that annoy me. Yes, life is short but the immense pressure to do more takes us back to the quality versus quantity.

Do you want more life experiences or better life experiences?

Sometimes, to get what you really want, you have to do less instead of more. If you are feeling pooped, pause.