Must Eats of Maui

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Maui is quite possibly the largest tourism island for Hawaii. If you have been to Hawaii once, chances are you went to Maui. If you are planning your first trip to Hawaii, chances are your looking at Maui.

That doesn’t mean it is necessarily the best island. It just has a little bit of everything so its great if you only have a few days to get away. The island is fairly large and it can take around 2 hours to get from one side to another so be mindful when looking up activities and restaurants.

These Maui must eats are mostly within 20 minutes of Front Street. Front Street is the Bourbon Street of Maui and by this I don’t mean you will be seeing tits and beads. I just mean it’s the known row and most of the good stuff is fairly close by. Most of the good stuff…not all of it.

1. Mama’s Fish House

Everyone that’s visited Maui more than once has a thing or two to say about Mama’s. Mama’s is BY THE AIRPORT so I highly recommend stopping through on your way in or out of Maui. You will definitely need a reservation. It doesn’t matter the time or day. Mama’s stay’s busy. Its also not cheap. Its no fine dining so you will be welcome in your flops and tank but it can be a bill so check drink prices before you opt for that $20 cocktail unknowingly.

If you are at all into curry, the banana curry is a must try. Even if you don’t get a curry dish, just ask for the sauce. Your fish or rice will thank you….or thank me.

2. Down to Earth

The is the only other stop that is BY THE AIRPORT so again, I highly recommend this for the way in or out. This is actually a VEGETARIAN GROCERY STORE. What?! Before you make a face and skip this section, hear me out. Ive never met a meat lover that didn’t Down to Earth. Everything they make is magnificent.

There are places to sit down and eat. I recommend taking it to go for the flight home. You are going to have a few hours ahead of you and this will be a dandy distraction. I warn you, its likely you will get a stare or two on the flight. The last 2 people I sent to Down to Earth reported flight attendants and fellow passengers commenting on how good their food spelled. I kind of hate eating on flights but when it’s a minimum of 5 hours, sorry not sorry! Im getting down with Down to Earth and I recommend you give it a go too.

The Reuben (vegetarian Reuben that is) is always a winner. Feel free to get creative. You can make many dish vegan just by requesting it. They have all the goods.

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3. Hula Grill (Whaler’s Village)

Hula Grill is a small chain that I have visited in Maui and Oahu. There are tons of resorts or within walking distance. Again, its not the cheapest place but I have never heard of a bad dish there. The fish is always a winner for my friends and family and they have tons of veggie side dishes that are creative, yummy and big. I can eat and 2 side dishes does me just right.

Also, this isnt your “side of steamed veggies” kind of place. I’m talking eggplant romesco or hearts of palm hummus. Add some with kale chips and watermelon radishes for a fancy way to dip. You will be delighted. Trust me.

4. Leilani’s on the Beach (Whaler’s Village)

Leilani’s is a nice lunch or dinner spot if you want some ocean views and an open restaurant. It’s in Whaler’s Village so its right near many resorts and shops.

The menu made me happy. This is not a meatless joint at all, but there is a creative veggie burger that packs more than your typical soy or black beans. Their hummus game is on point too with at least 3 different hummus options to choose from and you have more than one option if you want a salad.

5. Star Noodle

Don’t ask questions. Just go. If you don’t like Japanese food, I don’t care. You will like Star Noodle. I promise. And when they give you condiments and sauces, your them. I tend to live by the “taste it first and then add” rule but everything they gave me made the food taste even better. Out of this world Udon and quite possible the best eggplant dish I have ever had….and I eat copious amounts of eggplant… get down here. Please. My taste buds want to live vicariously through you.
*confession- I ate myself sick. Like way past the point of satiation. I passed content, laughed at full then hit the gas before slowing down at ick. Go but watching your booze consumption could come in hand this time.

Kauai Must Do and Eats

  1. Papaya Health Store This was another place that was recommended to me by my friend Jessica, owner o. It was sooo good. It’s literally just a health food grocery store with a small kitchen in the back where they make tacos, sandwiches and wraps with tons
  2. Beach House in Poipu. This area has a resort community with some hotel restaurants which I didn’t have time to try but came highly recommended by a friend that is in the tourism industry but lives in poipu. I did get to try one of her recommendations so I would be confident about trying RumFire and Red Salt
  3. Dukes – Kauai and Oahu. Small chain also in cali. for touristy atmosphere but good family environment. Make a rez nice tofu dishes and big salad bar.
  4. Hula Grillh. There is one in Maui and Oahu. It’s fairly pricey but lots of good options. The side plates are an awesome size. Two or threewill easily make a veggie-friendly meal that is way cooler than a salad or size of steamed veggies.