Mindful Eating

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The buzz word in the wellness world is mindfulness. Paying attention to how you are eating is EXACTLY that. Its mindful eating. It’s being present when you eat; looking at the food. Smelling and actually tasting the food. I know you are thinking, “duh, I’m tasting the food. That’s why I love chocolate chip cookies. They taste so good!” I hear ya but often we are not really tasting food with our taste buds. We are “tasting” the food for what it does for us. Sometimes we use food as a stress reliever; a “copping skill” as they say in the therapeutic world. Other times, we are so busy we eat just to stop our stomach from growling.

If you can just aim for 2-3 minutes at the start of your meal to appreciate your food, look at it, chew slowly, taste it and do nothing else but eat, you will start to notice a difference, I promise! You will notice not only a mental and spiritual change in how you eat, but a physical change in what you are eating how much you’re are eating. Stopping and taking in every second of your meal can make a huge difference in your waistline. It’s the best-known diet secret out there.

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