Mindful Eating Quick Tips

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Here are some quick tips for becoming more mindful at mealtime.

1. Before you eat, look at your food and evaluate what you are eating. This will make a huge different in not only WHAT you put on your plate but how MUCH you eat.

2. Chew! The physical motion of your jaw moving releases a digestive enzyme so your stomach isn’t left doing all the work. If your food isn’t digested properly, you will not absorb all the nutrients. If you aren’t getting the nutrients, you stay hungry! It’s called being overfeed and under nourished. Many people who are overweight are not getting the nutrients and that’s why they keep eating.

3. Taste your food. Think about the flavors and what you like or don’t like. By leaning what you like, you choose more gratifying foods. It makes you appreciate your food more. Not only does this help you eat less because you feel more full-filled (pun intended) but it promotes gratefulness which brings me to the next tip.

4. Be thankful for nourishment. I am not telling you that you need to bow your head and say grace at every meal but its scientifically proven that spending one small moment in gratitude over your food changes the molecular structure. If that is too much for you to digest, then just go back to tip #3 where gratitude for what you are eating will help you choose wisely and eat less.

5. Just eat. For a few minutes at the least, do nothing else. Look, smell, chew and smile. With all of these tips for mindful eating, you can’t really be mindful about your food if your mind is busy with something else.

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