Master of Your Own Mind

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Did you know samurai soldiers meditate? The reason is to practice getting to “zero mind.”💭 Zero mind is just as it sounds- a clear mind, free of thought or distraction. 
The belief is when minds are clear, they can better navigate against other samurais, swords and soldiers coming at them 🤔

What that means is when you practice calming your mind, you get better at bobbing and weaving from whatever life throws your way 💡 physically and intellectually 
The snarky comments from your coworker are easy to ignore. Stupid drivers don’t piss you off. When we are more skillful at calming our minds, we gain control over how we feel ☻ Meditation is the place to start.

It isn’t a quick fix. Like lifting weights at the gym, our brain is a muscle and meditation is the exercise used for strengthening the brains ability to calm thoughts. And just like we don’t build a strong bicep over night, it takes repetition to get better at mastering your mind.