How to Get What You Want

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Who makes the rules and how do you get what you want?

Work hard, save your money, be nice, play fair, put others first. These were core values and lessons I learned as a kid. Growing up in South Mississippi, I was surrounded by wholesomeness. Conservative values reigned supreme. Life was about hard work, being a solid person and doing the right thing.

Do what makes you happy, have fun, take care of yourself, stand up for what you believe. These were core values I adopted as an adult. After moving by myself several times in my 20’s and traveling the world in my 30s, I spent a lot of time away. I was exposed to an array of view points and ideologies. My thoughts slowly began to shift and consider a new perspective. Without abandoning my Mississippi mindset, I adjust my values to better support my goals.

See, a bad habit came along with my traditional mindset. It lent way to focusing solely on making checkmarks. I thought if I did everything as I was told and worked hard to be good at it, I would get what I want. “Play by the rules, do the right thing and get the reward.”

Not so much.

When you do things just for the sake of doing them, without doing them completely, fully and presently, you don’t get the full benefit. The check mark doesn’t stick.

“If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice.” – Anonymous

This quote came up in my morning reading and it epitomizes the reason for my 30 days dry challenge.

Wino, red wine drinker,

I was always a “healthy person.” I had a GNC membership, drank smoothies, ate salads and did yoga; making all the checkmarks but for the wrong reasons.

I bought slim tonics from GNC, drank smoothies and salads to be thin and started yoga because it was trendy. I was externally motivated. Because I had the wrong reasons, I had the wrong results.

I was still a party girl, with a love of wine and a good time. I was having the time of my life but my body asked for a break. After several health issues and various diagnoses, I had to step back and analyze what it truly meant to be healthy. I was doing the basics but my medical records said otherwise and I wasn’t going to argue.

Although I was still living a good life, I knew I was drinking more than I should and it wasn’t benefiting my body. The sugars and toxins only added stress to my system and without will power to pick and choose when, I committed to a real break.

The last few months searching for answer about my health have illuminated that what I want more than anything is to be healthy. It is no longer about looking good and being cool. It is about taking better care of my body. Slowly letting go of the things that hurt it so I can make long-lasting habits that are supportive.

And my health… its worth the sacrifice.