The Hidden Gem of Quarantine

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Here we are. Smack dab in the middle of winter and creeping up on what we HOPE will be the end of quarantine.  Once vaccinations are more widespread and closures lift, we will be THROWING ourselves at every activity and outing that comes up. It will be GO❗️ GO ❗️GO❗️ That time is soon… but it’s not now.

Right now, there is a rare opportunity that comes with being forced to huddle up at home. A beautiful thing happens when the world gets quiet. We are given a chance to turn the volume up on ourselves.

The last chapter of quarantine is the time for self-growth, expansion and personal development. It is an opportunity to do things we know are beneficial but always have a valid excuse not to do.

Maybe you want to try meditating (the Headspace app is an AWESOME place to start) or cook vegetarian meals from Pinterest. You could take a mastery class online, sign up for virtual coaching …Put yourself first!

The time is now! Incorporate healthy habits into your life before the world gets in your way again.

At the end this pandemic, we will walk away with a new appreciation for our freedom, a replenished zest for life and if we take advantage of these last few weeks, we could walk away healthier and happier💫

quarantine, health coach, nutrition coach, carlyknapp,