Culinary Love in Copenhagen

CopenhagenDenmark-land of the Danish, and by danish I don’t mean people. I’m talking about food. During my one-week adventure in Copenhagen, I expected to be constantly confronted with pastries. Danish desserts that are, fittingly, not eaten as dessert. The doughy delights are multilayered, laminated in sugar and adorned with fruits, jellies, nuts, chocolate or cheese.

This sounds heavenly, and not to say its torturous but with gluten-free aspirations, this level of confrontation can be crumbling. Would I splinter and dive head first into day after day of danish devouring or would I pout it out with a pity party? Fortunately, there would be neither.

Copenhagen is one of my favorite places, with a juxtapose of old and new. The buildings still sing with old European charm yet the culinary scene is dashing forward, ahead of the rest. Denmark has the largest portion of organic food sold in the world. Fifteen years ago, there was a significantly different food scene in Copenhagen.

Nordic Food Movement

Because of the cold climate, a significant amount of produce was imported and there was little to no focus on regional and local food. In 2004, the Nordic Cuisine movement gained way, started by Claus Meyers, with the goal to get back in touch with what was growing nearby. Several chefs and influential foodies combined forces to revamp the local food scene.

Reflecting the progressive mindset of the Nordic food movement, the vegan food scene is flourishing. Here are a few favs and tips for visiting this rad rad city.


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With the tag line “eat like you give a fork,” you know you are in for some gritty goodness. It is all about high quality, locally sourced vegan food “for people that are conscious of not only what they put into their body, but the footprint it leaves in order to reach their plate,” straight from the website. How rad is that?! It’s a cool vibe with indoor and outdoor seating and a menu that pulls from traditional Nordic foods with a contemporary twist.


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The bowls, oh the bowls! A vegan bowl with a theme (Asian, Southern, Buffalo, Kimchi, etc.) is one of my favorite things. It takes separate ingredients, kept clean, separate and simple, then ties them all together with a topping of a thematic sauce. I find vegan bowls helps me eat clean and with integrity but keep the flavor and fun coming. SimpleRAW does it right. Tons of bowl options and good, raw food. Why eat raw? It is not something I incorporate into my daily routine but word on the street is raw food retains the highest nutritional value so incorporating raw meals into your diet is one way to pack in more nutrient punch.


This is a vegan buffet! Yep. A big ole lineup of different vegan food, hot and cold so its not just salads! RizRaz is a regular sit-down restaurant with a full menu, meat included. The vegan buffet is an additional option that is oh so appreciated.


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I am a sucker for a good food hall and Torvehallerne is where its at. Tons of fresh food options, lots of people, good vibes, good times. My advice; go hungry and under order. With so many yummy things within arms reach, you are going to want to try more than one thing.

Vegan Dining in Denmark

There are tons of other options when it comes to vegan dining in Copenhagen so if you are going to be there for a few days, research some others. These were just my tops that you have to fit in the schedule when visiting this spunky city. And a little preach preach while I have your attention; I think Copenhagen has been underestimated and should be one of the top destinations to visit in Europe. Of course each country is vastly different but experiencing Scandinavia is just as important as making it to Spain or Rome and in my opinion, Copenhagen is an optimal option for getting your Nordic fix.

noma Copenhagen, vegan food, Copenhagen, smorrebrod, lingonberry jam, souls Copenhagen,