Babyfood 101- A Course for Beginners

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First of all, a congratulations is in order. If you are studying how to make baby food chances are you recently popped out a human! Your body spent 9 months miraculously making a person. The foods you ate and drinks your drank all helped build your child, piece by piece, toe nail by toe nail. Then, they entered the world.

For the first four to six months, you rely primarily on breast milk, formula or a combination of the two. Around the six month mark (earlier or later, depending on the individual needs of your baby and the advice from your pediatrician), its time to start introducing real people food. Yay!

In this course, you will learn a new way thinking when it comes to nourishing your child. This new mentality will make mom life significantly easier but will also ensure that you are giving your baby the best chances for success.

Next, you will learn what kitchen tools you can use to get the job done. I cover how to make baby food using several different regular kitchen appliances so its very unlikely you will have to go out and buy new gadgets. Don’t let the blogs fool you into thinking you have to have certain equipment. It’s just not true!

We will discuss fresh verses frozen as well as what foods to start with to ensure you are getting the best nutrition for your baby.

You will also learn tricks for preparing and storing baby food that will help you plan ahead. Please do not think that on top of cooking for you or your family, you should also cook regularly for your baby. That’s I just bonkers and totally unneccsary.

This course includes some do’s and don’t’s as well as advice from a pediatrician. Being a mom is hard enough. Don’t make it any harder. This course is straight to the point and will ensure that you learn how to easily and quickly make food that will nourish your baby.