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Mindful Eating

The buzz word in the wellness world is mindfulness. Paying attention to how you are eating is EXACTLY that. Its mindful eating. It’s being present when you eat; looking at the food. Smelling and actually tasting the food. I know […]

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Mindful Eating Quick Tips

Here are some quick tips for becoming more mindful at mealtime. 1. Before you eat, look at your food and evaluate what you are eating. This will make a huge different in not only WHAT you put on your plate […]

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A Smoker’s Mindset

I was an avid smoker for nearly 20 years. After a decade of trying to stop smoking, I finally succeeded. It was a small shift that made the biggest difference. A change in my mindset; not a change in my […]

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How to Stop Smoking: 3 Mindset Shifts

After two decades as a smoker and ten years trying to stop, I finally smoked my last cigarette. I didn’t do it with nicotine supplements or by setting a stop date. Instead, I changed my mindset towards smoking. To stop […]

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Secrets of the Starbucks Obsessed

Don’t let that skinny vanilla latte fool ya! Just because it says skinny does not mean it is doing your body any favors. We have no idea how much extra junk we consume with our coffee concoctions. As a Starbucks-obsessed […]

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Culinary Love in Copenhagen

CopenhagenDenmark-land of the Danish, and by danish I don’t mean people. I’m talking about food. During my one-week adventure in Copenhagen, I expected to be constantly confronted with pastries. Danish desserts that are, fittingly, not eaten as dessert. The doughy […]

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