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Sleeping In

Sleep. Its one thing we want more of as but can’t seem to find time. Maturity makes us realize how valuable sleep is but this wasn’t always the case. As teens we slept endless hours at a time and in […]

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Body Knows Best

It is exactly halfway through my 30 days dry challenge. I haven’t drank in two weeks. For many of you this is completely normal but I cannot tell you the last time I went a full week without alcohol; quite […]

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The Power of Pause

The to-do list— the more checkmarks you make, the better. The more you accomplished each day, the more impressive. We all know someone who does an early morning spin class, then drops by the grocery store, cooks breakfast, packs lunch, […]

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The Power of Choice: Unhealthy Habits

When it comes to unhealthy habits, those of us that are down in the trenches feel trapped. Perhaps you smoke and truly wish you didn’t but every time you have tried to stop, it never lasted. Or you may eat […]

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How to Get What You Want

Who makes the rules and how do you get what you want? Work hard, save your money, be nice, play fair, put others first. These were core values and lessons I learned as a kid. Growing up in South Mississippi, […]

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Becoming the Creator

How I have been able to make life altering changes that stick.

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