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Who Knows Best: Decisions, Decisions

Some of us will face a decision in life— to do what our loved ones would like or go our own way… which is towards a place our family and friends have probably never even heard of and probably could […]

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Passive. Everything around the concept screamed weak to me. If you are passive, you just let things happen to you. You don’t stand up for yourself and you act like a door mat. If you are passive, you are not […]

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How to Get What You Want

Who makes the rules and how do you get what you want? Work hard, save your money, be nice, play fair, put others first. These were core values and lessons I learned as a kid. Growing up in South Mississippi, […]

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Becoming the Creator

How I have been able to make life altering changes that stick.

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Kitchen Life in Atlanta

When living in Atlanta, Georgia I spent hours each day in the kitchen. It was a way I could be close to the food. I could experience the food in another way besides just eating. Eating only took up so […]

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Pausing in Bangkok- Time out in Thailand

After three weeks island hoping like backpackers, we landed in Bangkok, Thailand. I had absorbed a truly authentic experience in Southern, Thailand. Authenticity being my motto of travel, I always pleaded to stay at an authentic hotel where I could […]

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