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Plant-Based Progression

When I began my journey of intentional eating, I started to visit a farmer’s market. It was trendy and cool and I could brag to my friends about joining the local food movement. I gathered up my reusable shopping bags […]

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A Meatless Mind

I have always been an animal lover but continued to eat meat because I never thought of animals as meat. Meat was a healthy source of protein. Animals were cuddly companions. The concept of being vegetarian or vegan was absurd. […]

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Why We Smoke

Cigarettes. Ugh. Smoking is so complex. Unexplainable really. The hold that it has on you is absurd. There is more to why we smoke than a nicotine addition. We blame it on drug dependency but there is so much more […]

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Mindful Eating Tips

Mindful eating is a unique philosophy in the health and wellness world. Most of the information available focuses on superfoods and fitness trends. We are starting to overlook the most important aspect of our diet; how we eat! Here are […]

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