Holistic Health Coach

Taking women to better health and happiness with a holistic approach, targeting nutrition, fitness, and mindset to amplify results.

Instead of using standard nutrition and fitness plans, a holistic approach is designed based on your current lifestyle, specific goals, and personal challenges.

Take steps towards wellness with me…

Individualized Health Plan

The Individualized Health Plan is the kickstart you want without the commitment you shy away from. This single-session health consultation takes a holistic approach to determine what YOU specifically need based on your current lifestyle, specific goals, and personal challenges.

If you already drink smoothies, we are not going to focus on fiber intake and if you currently don’t exercise, step one isn’t high-intensity workouts. Your Individualized Health Plan is designed to meet you where you are so you can truly level up.

Here is how it works:

You will complete a 4-page health questionnaire and then partake in a 50-minute virtual consultation where you and I will go into more detail and talk logistics. Using the consultation and questionnaire, I will provide you with step-by-step instructions to amplify your health and happiness.

Personalized Wellness Program

Using the one-on-one coaching method, you and I design goals and methods specific to your personal situation. It doesn’t have to be about salads and CrossFit. True health and happiness is much more individualized than what you see in the media.

Your personalized wellness program is designed to help you get clear on what it means for you to be healthy and happy. You want more because you know deep down inside you are capable of more.

Here is how your personalized wellness program works:

  • You and I Zoom every other week for 3 months. That is 6 sessions total, each for up to 50 minutes, with email support in between.

  • We work together to set meaningful goals and take steps to upgrade YOUR life. Instead of using standard health and fitness plans, we take a holistic approach to determine what YOU specifically need to increase health and happiness.

Self-Growth Intensive

The Self-Growth Intensive is for people who are ready to make BIG changes in their health and happiness. This is the Personalized Wellness Program on steroids! Using weekly one-on-one coaching sessions, we take a holistic approach to level up your nutrition, fitness and mindset.

Here is how it works:

You and I Zoom every week for 3 months. That is 12 sessions total, each for up to 50 minutes, with email support in between.

Corporate Wellness

If your employees travel frequently, their health is going to suffer. THAT’S A FACT!

The average burnout rate for business travelers is 3-5 years, meaning more turnover, more training, less experience, less productivity. Help your employees stay healthy and you will reap the benefits.

From increased productivity to decreased insurance rates, you have a lot to gain by offering corporate wellness training.

This is how it works…

Support for Frequent Flyers

Business travel can be awesome. There are conference parties where the booze is flowing and work dinners where the potatoes are plentiful. There’s also the unhealthy airport snacks and fast food in the car.

Choosing healthy foods and making time to take care of yourself is hard enough at home. We know we should meal prep, work on our fitness, and practice self-care. It is hard enough to do this in our comfortable home environment but if you travel for work, it’s a whole different ball game.

Being a road warrior makes healthy living seem damn near impossible. Some people can fit in a 6 AM workout and will always order the salad but is that really the only way to be healthy on the road? Nope! I spent a decade on the road and have hundreds of health hacks to share.

Learn how to travel lite…

Hey, I’m Carly

I am a Mississippi girl who grew up on gumbo and grits. My values are southern and traditional, but my mindset is open and unconventional.

My roots made the way to a love of food and my modern mindset drives me to self-improve.

I’ve been paleo, vegan, gluten-free and keto. I’ve been a yogi, gym rat, Barre babe and practiced Pilates. I have tried it all so you don’t have to.

The secret?

Health is more than superfoods and fitness plans. It’s even more than meditation and mindfulness.

Life is weird and wellness is weirder. So many experts. So many supplements. So many coaches.

I write about lessons in health and happiness as well as share my experiences from traveling the world. I don’t leave out the nitty gritty details. From meltdowns to insight, I am 100% human and although I am growing every day, I still strive to be better. I welcome you to witness my world of wellness in hope that it sheds light on your path.


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